My Hero Academia Charms: Onmyoji and Yokai

  • My Hero Academia Charms: Onmyoji and Yokai
  • My Hero Academia Charms: Onmyoji and Yokai

A war is taking Heiankyo by storm, forcing all yokai to pick sides.

Inari kitsune are placed on a pedestal; nogitsune are treated like scum. A pair of nogitsune vow to drag Inari down from their kami status, along with all the kitsune who serve them.

A group of apprentice Onmyoji discover their evil plot and seeks to warn the Guardians of Inari. The news is out. The yokai of the mortal realm have decide where their loyalties lie, because sadly here will be no neutral ground when war breaks out.
Guardians of Inari
Bakugo (myobu kitsune), Kirishima (koma inu), Kaminari (myobu kitsune)

Onmyoji Apprentices
Deku (ex-buddist monk), Todoroki (half yokai with a yuki onna mother), Momo (shrine maiden), Jiro (shamisen player and secretly necromancer) , Shinso (talisman user)

Wild Yokai
Mina (oni), Ochako (nodeppou), Tsuyu (ame onna), Tokoyami (tengu)

Villian Yokai
Shigaraki (nogitsune), Dabi (nogitsune), Himiko (nekomata)


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